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Providing both skilled interim leadership and having the capacity to use our extensive professional and personal resources to generate strong applicant pools for your leadership positions are distinguishing hallmarks of focusEDU. Interim placements and national searches are a cornerstone of focusEDU.  The placement of skilled interim leaders in both short and long-term appointments can ensure an institution of administrative stability during times of transition.  By engaging a proven administrative leader from the team of focusEDUto assist the leadership of your institution you have ensured a solid and practical strategic approach to transition.

By using the network developed and cultivated by focusEDU for our search strategies, you have taken a major step toward ensuring an excellent applicant pool that has been fully vetted by focusEDU.  We work closely with the hiring officer and your search committee (if you have one) to select candidates who not only have demonstrated skill-sets required for your position, but also have a personality match with the cultural environment of your institution – the right person for the right reasons. Interim placement and national searches expertise is a sound strategic decision for the leaders of higher education.

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focus on LEADERSHIP includes

Assessments and Evaluations of OperationsThe team of focusEDU provides assessments and evaluations of operations and structures associated with enrollment management, admissions, registrar, financial aid, student financial services and all instructional technology enhancements. Such short-term (one to two week) assessments will provide the leadership of higher education with a critical review and assessment of operational details. A comprehensive observations and recommendations report based on findings can greatly assist the leaders of an institutions.

Interim Appointments and PlacementOur professional staff has extensive and quality skills to ensure continuity and success during times of transition at your institution.  The mission critical areas of enrollment management, admissions, financial aid, registrar and student financial services are primary.  Interim assistance in instructional technology areas is conducted by our expert staff.  The team members of focusEDU are all acclaimed leaders in their respective areas.

National Searches for Leadership PositionsThe team of focusEDU has placed excellent applicants for high level leadership positions in enrollment management, admissions, financial aid, registrar and student financial services.  These placements have proven to provide solid, stable and proven quality for institutions.

Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership Development.focus on Instruction  The team of focusEDU has the skills and expertise to provide needed coaching and mentoring for staff administrative rising officers.  We work with a staff member to developing leadership skills that affords them the opportunity to assume greater responsibilities.  Our consultants provide a structured and uniquely tailored approach for the institution’s and individual’s needs.  We develop a program consisting of management communication; supervisory best practices, and operational optimization practices.


“Herb Riley and his team at focusEDU made full use of their impressive network of contacts to find us the top candidates in the national market for college registrars. We are very grateful for the excellent support for our search that focusEDU provided. We were immensely pleased with the quality and experience of our finalists.”

Alfred Montero, Associate Provost, , Carleton College

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