Interim Placements and Appointments

focusEDU is the leading consulting and placement firm for interim appointments,  placements, and engagements in the mission-critical areas of the registrar, financial aid, admissions, bursar, and enrollment management.  Good interim leadership is sound and proven strategy during times of institutional transitions.  The team consultants we use for interim assignments are all nationally acclaimed leaders in their operational areas of specialization.  Whether your need is for an Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management; an Interim Registrar; an Interim Director of Admissions; an Interim Director of Financial Aid or an Interim Bursar.  We have a cadre of leading professionals to meet your college or university needs for interim leadership. focusEDU is a leading interim placement and interim appointment provider for higher education.   During times of transition in leadership, focusEDU interim placements for our client institutions will fill positions quickly to help maintain stability and continuity.  Additionally, the interim leadership appointee can provide insights and a vision for sustainable strategic solutions.

A short-term interim manager may be the best option to oversee changing personnel needs and the creation of and implementation of new job descriptions, organization structures, and management of a key operational service.  Members of our team are experienced in providing interim assistance in all enrollment management and records situations at all levels.  Options for remote interim leadership can be discussed with us.  This option can be both fiscally prudent and managerially sound.

Advantages of Interim Appointments and Placements of Registrars, Financial Aid, Admissions, Bursar and Enrollment Management Leaders

Filling a vacancy rapidly with a highly qualified interim leadership appointment helps institutions maintain stability.  This can preclude the need to turn to the second-in-charge to assume more responsibilities.  It ensures the professional discharge of sound administrative responsibilities. At the same time, it allows you and your leadership team to assess the future and opportunities to improve and restructure rather than remain at the status quo.  It “buys you time” and is a sound strategic initiative.  Quality interim appointments are a sound business practice.  focusEDU can help your institution during these times.  Our interim appointees have held national leadership positions within their respective professional associations of AACRAO, NACAC, NASFAA and NACUBO.

Interim Placement Bruce Cunningham
Bruce Cunningham, Senior Consulting Director

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Sigrun Olafsdottir

interim director of financial aid
Photo-Polly Griffin

Polly Winfrey Griffin

Polly Griffin - registrar consultant - focusEDU
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Interim Leadership Appointments

focusEDU staffs interim leadership appointments with experienced and highly qualified professionals. They have the skills and abilities to deliver an immediate and lasting impact. They are organizationally aware and provide leadership with excellent management and communication skills.

We provide you with interim leaders who are highly qualified for the assignments they undertake.  They have extensive functional experience in their area of expertise. The interim leadership appointees will have addressed similar issues to those faced by your institution. Available almost immediately, their skill sets and knowledge will match your needs.

Interim Appointment Delsie Phillips