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Our Consulting Directors have a proven record of accomplishment with the insightful clients of focusEDU. Since 2014,  focusEDU has earned the respect of the leaders of the higher education community by building trust and delivering sustainable results. The partnering relationship developed between client institutions and the team of focusEDU is the cornerstone of our mission for assisting the higher education community.

Client Reviews

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“The focusEDU team assisted in our University Registrar search. Their vast experience is responsible for the easiest and most effective professional search we’ve experienced thus far.”

“Herb Riley of focusEDU was able to draw upon his knowledge and vast network of highly qualified candidates to help us in our search for a senior position at the University of St. Joseph.”

focusEDU directors were able to  help us craft a great position, and recruit solid candidates from their network. We strongly recommend focusEDU as a search firm to other institutions for successful results.”

focusEDU consulting firm was able to offer us both their expert insight and excellent proposition based on a review. The report was comprehensive and detailed and was helpful for our strategy.”