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focusEDU is a higher education consulting firm that partners with higher education leaders to address institutional needs by offering assessment and evaluation consulting, national search services and interim leadership appointments in the mission-critical areas of functional management, instructional design, information technology, accessibility, and college rankings management. Higher education consulting by the team of acclaimed leaders from focusEDU is a sound strategic decision.

higher education consultingFounded in 2014 by nationally acclaimed higher education leaders, the cornerstones of focusEDU are our expertise, honesty, and integrity. A statement of our values and ethics can be found here. Our goal is to provide sustainable and optimized solutions to the leadership of the higher education community by using our experience and expertise. Our team consists of national leaders in these areas of expertise and they can be viewed here with summaries of their professional profiles.

The focusEDU website is divided into the logical focused areas with pages of interest for all leaders of the higher education community and includes:

Higher Education Consulting Whether your institution is a small or large, public or private college, a professional school or a system-wide central administration, the focusEDU team has the expertise to assist you in addressing your needs and providing your institution with sustainable, best practice solutions.  The consulting team of focusEDU are nationally acclaimed leaders within their areas of expertise.  A distinguishing and relevant characteristic of our team is that we only consult in those areas of our business model where we know we can provide the greatest impact and sustainable solutions for the higher education community.

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focusEDU Consulting Services

  • Respected consultants in their areas of expertise.
  • Consulting Directors with proven skill-based resources.
  • Solutions based on insightful assessments and evaluations.

  • U.S. News college rankings consulting

  • Optimized national search networks, processes and results.
  • Expert interim management during times of transition.
  • Cost effective solutions that maximize ROI.
  • Comprehensive instructional technology expertise.

  • Higher education consulting
  • Higher Education Consulting
  • Interim Leadership

Higher Education Consultant – Really?

Higher Education Consultant – Really? You have had a successful working career in a higher education administrative position; you have been a leader in your professional associations; you have received institutional recognition and awards

  • College Tuition

Higher Education Prosperity Through Intelligent Pricing

Institutional Prosperity Through Intelligent Pricing Modern market reality: there are fewer college-ready students from families who are able or willing to pay close to ever-rising college sticker prices. In response, many colleges are closely

  • Graphic displaying the message 5 Factors in Choosing The Top Higher Education Search Consultants.

Best Higher Education Search Consultants

Choosing The Top Higher Education Search Consultants 5 Important Factors to Assist You The team at focusEDU has the higher education search consultant expertise to assist the leadership of higher education.  Choosing the best

  • CRM Optimization
  • Hand using a braille keyboard for information and communication technology accessibility

Accessibility Planning Part 01 – Background

This first video in the "Accessibility Planning" series provides background information on accessibility, including the definition of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) accessibility, statistics on disabilities, and why accessibility is important.  See for

  • CRM Optimization
  • Hand using a braille keyboard for information and communication technology accessibility

Accessibility Planning Part 00 – Overview

This overview video to the "Accessibility Planning" series explains the purpose and intended audience of the series and outlines the topics covered in subsequent videos.  Click here ( for more information, including a text

  • CRM Optimization
  • Hand using a braille keyboard for information and communication technology accessibility

Creating Accessible Documents in Word – Part 8 – Color

This is part 8 in the "Creating Accessible Documents in Word" series.  This episode deals with issues related to the use of color, including color blindness, color contrast, and aesthetics. Please click here (

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