Higher Education Enrollment Management Consulting and National Searches for Leadership

Higher education enrollment management consulting from the team at focusEDU provides expertise to assist the leadership of higher education with strategic planning for sustainable results and goals.  Among the many changes coming to campuses nationwide are unique and creative academic calendars, optimization and uses of CRM systems for outreach and identification of student populations in both online and on-campus environments.  The evolution of process mapping will play a major role in your institutional ability to meet the challenges presented by a different perspective than your plan from only two years ago.  Are you prepared?  In some cases, institutions face uncertain financial conditions based on changing enrollment patterns and missed admissions goals.  These concerns may lead to the need for assistance in enrollment management operational functions, practices, and perhaps the evaluation and reimagining of current procedures and staffing at all levels.

Our enrollment management consultants are leaders in assisting higher education with sustainable and strategic planning for optimized enrollment, net tuition revenues, retention rates, student success, program completion and graduation rates.

Student Success and Graduation Rates

The team of enrollment management consultants has the breadth and depth of experience to work with you to assess, evaluate and optimize all of the “moving parts and pieces” which comprise your enrollment management initiatives.

focusEDU can assist you with organizational structuring and alignment of the resources, skills, strategies and technologies required to ensure strategic optimization for success in enrollment management, admission yield, retention and graduation rate success.  We can assist you with your national searches to ensure the highest quality of leadership and expertise in enrollment management for your institution.  Our record of success is significant.

focusEDU Consulting Directors will work with all constituents at your institution to comprehensively assess and evaluate your current enrollment management environment and Enrollment Management Plan.

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  • Enrollment management consulting and national searches
  • Enrollment management consulting and national searchesi
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Our Experienced Consultants are Ready to Assist you.

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Enrollment management and financial aid consulting

Optimized Enrollment Management, Retention and Graduation are the Cornerstones for Your Success

Enrollment Management Consulting and National Searches for Leadership
Enrollment Management Consulting and National Searches for Leadership

Positive Results to Help You Attain Your Goals

Our Consulting Directors are recognized leaders and will work with you to ensure enrollment management consulting and national searches success:

  • Your admission outreach initiatives generate an enrolled entering class with the qualities, quantities and demographics you seek.
  • That financial aid and scholarship packaging plays a positive role in student retention and does not become a factor in student attrition.
  • The coordination with academic leadership so course availability for students establishes satisfactory progress toward students degree and program objectives.
  • That enrollment management is strategically optimized for success.
  • Advisement, counseling and needed support services will retain the students you recruited.
  • Students will complete their degree/programs requirements in a timeframe that is acceptable to your students and the institution.
  • Structures and programs for payments of tuition and fees that will meet an institution’s revenue objectives without placing students and families into financial hardship.

The outcomes and deliverables of our assessments and evaluations will strategically assist your institution for enrollment management success.