Distance Education Infrastructure

The consulting team at focusEDU has distance education infrastructure planning expertise to assist the leadership of higher education. The infrastructure required to support online education initiatives parallels the infrastructure in place at our physical campuses to support face-to-face instruction.  With few exceptions, all the student, faculty, and administrative services offered in support of face-to-face instruction should have analogs in support of online instruction. focusEDU’s distance education consulting service can help improve your distance education infrastructure to increase student success.

Components of Distance Education Infrastructure

This online/distance education infrastructure consists of seven components:

  1. Course Development Process
  2. Student Support Services
  3. Faculty Support Services
  4. Administrative Support Services
  5. Academic Resources
  6. Academic Community
  7. Enabling Technologies

For purely online programs, these components must be completely implemented in online mode, that is, services must be fully accessible to students online and remotely, without requiring any face-to-face interaction.  Institutions that seek to reach new populations beyond their immediate local service area, regional, or national boundaries must design solutions that will work for students who will never physically visit a campus.  Those that use online education or remote instruction to provide their local constituents with scheduling options can often implement less-robust systems that depend upon the students’ occasional presence on a physical campus.

focusEDU’s expert staff, based on its decades of practical experience at a wide variety of colleges and universities, can help your institution analyze and refine your online/distance/remote education strategy and supporting infrastructure.


focusEDU consulting firm was able to offer us both their expert insight and excellent proposition based on a review. The report was comprehensive and detailed and was helpful for our strategy.”
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