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Student Financial Services Consulting and Searches

The Student Financial Services Consulting assessment and evaluation can consist of two components that will provide optimized solutions and quality assistance for all constituencies.  The goal of achieving institutional maximum net revenues from properly structured processes is a cornerstone for the work conducted by the Consulting Director(s) of  focusEDU.

Programs and services required to reduce student financial burdens for incurred educational costs are key components of the work conducted by the Consulting Director(s) of focusEDU in using best practices for student financial services. We encourage institutional leaders to discuss either or both of these components with us to determine how the Consulting Directors for Student Financial Services can best meet your institutional needs.

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  • Student financial services
  • Student financial services

Finanical Services Training

A comprehensive training component that will provide optimized solutions and quality services to aid in the area of student tuition and loan receivables. The extensive training can include training sessions, webinars and workshop for:

  • Customer service and communications
  • Best practices of the student business office
  • Federal regulations and the collections process
  • Loan administration
  • Business process review
  • Financial literacy
  • Business office strategies to help with student retention

Financial Services Methodology

Assessment consulting using a proven methodology for the evaluation of student tuition and loan receivables as well as use of business partners to meet core requirements. This methodology focuses on a four-step approach:

  • Review Customer Service Processes (including financial literacy programs for students and parents)
  • Assessment of Major Operational Controls
  • Examination of Regulatory Compliance with Student Financial and Privacy Legislation
  • Best Practices Process Evaluation 

Our experienced Directors will assist you with your Student Financial Services questions.

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“Denny DeSantis is a stellar educator, author and businessman who was a pleasure to work with. He always offered tremendous leadership and insight to the projects he worked on and gained much respect from the participants with his actions. Having high ethical values, and the ability to build trusting relationships, have also been a strong suit for Denny. It will be a blessing to work with a man of Denny’s character again in the future.”
Ron Shell, Vice President of Sales at First Insight, Inc.