About focusEDU

Higher Education Consulting Firm

As a recognized leader in higher education consulting, focusEDU partners with higher education leaders to address institutional needs by offering:

  • assessments and evaluations of operations, practices and staffing
  • national search services
  • interim leadership appointments
  • coaching and mentoring for leadership development
  • instructional technology services

These foundational services are offered by a team of acclaimed professionals in the mission-critical areas of:

  • enrollment management
  • admissions
  • financial aid
  • registrar
  • student financial services
  • instructional technology solutions.

Founded in 2014 by a cadre of nationally acclaimed higher education consulting leaders, the cornerstones of focusEDU are our expertise and integrity.  A statement of our values and ethics can be read by clicking here.  Our goal is to provide sustainable and optimized solutions to the leadership of the higher education community by using our experience and expertise as acclaimed professionals.  Our higher education consultants are acclaimed national leaders in these areas of expertise.  Our team can be viewed by clicking here.

Whether your institution is small or large, public or private, a professional school, or a system-wide central administration, the higher education consulting firm of focusEDU team has the expertise to assist you in addressing your needs and providing your institution with sustainable, best practice solutions.  

Click the large icons below to learn more about the specifics of:

  • focus on Function
  • focus on Process
  • focus on Leadership
  • focus on Instruction
  • focus on Technology
focus on Function

focusEDU’s team of nationally acclaimed leaders for the core functional areas of enrollment management, admissions, financial aid, registrar and student financial services offers expert assistance to the leadership of higher education to ensure sustainable best practices within these areas. Higher education consulting services in these mission-critical areas is a key component for institutional administrative success.  Click here for insights and details on focus on FUNCTION.

focus on Process

focusEDU employs proven and effective methodologies and experienced consultants to lead your institution through the analysis of your existing work processes and workflow to create improved efficient processes for best practices.  Click here for insights and details on focus on PROCESS.      

focus on Leadership

Providing both skilled interim leadership appointments and having the capacity to use our extensive professional and personal resources to generate strong applicant pools for your leadership positions distinguishes focusEDU as a leading higher education consulting firm.  Conducting in-depth and insightful assessments and evaluations provides the leaders of higher education with a starting point for process improvements.  Coaching and mentoring for leadership provides professional development opportunities for staff to enrich their growth to assist the institutions. Exemplary higher education consulting services are invaluable to the leadership of higher education.  

focus on Instruction

Our experienced instructional designers and instructional technologists can assist your institution in creating and managing your academic infrastructure.  Our staff is expert in every aspect of higher education management and decision-making while providing perspectives and deep understanding of the challenges facing higher education for roles such as instructional technology, on-line learning, senior instructional designer, CIO and other key related functions.

focus on Technology

focusEDU’s experienced IT professionals can assist your institution in creating and managing its information systems infrastructure.  We are expert in every aspect of higher education IT management and decision making.

focusEDU’s experienced higher education consulting team of functional and technical staff will facilitate the discovery and analysis of your existing work processes, providing an effective tool for improving or reinventing your processes. The higher education consulting services offered by the team of focusEDU have assisted the leadership of academe.