Herb Riley

About Herb Riley

Since 2005, Herb has assisted the higher education community with consulting services in all aspects of student information systems and registrar practices. For 17 years, Herb served as the University Registrar at Binghamton University and had a career of over 32 years as an acclaimed practitioner in the areas of enrollment management, admissions and registrar services. In 2014, Herb and a team of like-minded and highly regarded professionals formed focusEDU to bring their skills-sets for providing assessment/evaluation consulting; national search services and interim placement appointments to the leadership of the higher education community.

Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership Development

Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership Mentoring and coaching for leadership should be a strategic management tool.   A key administrative leader has left your institution.  Maybe it was a retirement or another opportunity in higher ed administration.  The initial

Higher Education Consultant – Really?

Higher Education Consultant – Really? You have had a successful working career in a higher education administrative position; you have been a leader in your professional associations; you have received institutional recognition and awards for your excellent service to

Interim Leadership Appointments during COVID-19

COVID-19 and Interim Leadership Appointments The "new normal" with COVID-19 for higher education interim leadership positions in the key areas of enrollment management, admissions, registrar and student financial services is an opportunity for senior institutional leaders to consider both

Curriculum Committee Approvals Link to Degree Audit

Curriculum Committee Approvals Need to Link to Your Degree Audit System In the best of all worlds, your faculty and their Curriculum Committees will understand that when they approve a course that the course needs to be applied correctly

NSLDS Compliance Reporting – It’s Complicated

NSLDS Compliance Reporting - It's Complicated   NSLDS compliance reporting can be a challenge.  In March of 2017, a meeting took place with Federal Student Aid staff and representatives from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO)

Higher Education Management: Lean Principles

Three Lean Principles to Make You a Better Manager Management in the higher education environment is always a moving target and a challenge.  Transitioning into a lean operation can seem like a monumental task. You want to be more

Higher Education Strategic Planning

Insights on Higher Education Strategic Planning Higher education strategic planning is a cornerstone for institutional success.  A Strategic Business Plan is a needed, useful and mandatory tool for articulating an institution’s mid to long-term goals and directions. An institution’s Strategic