About Dan Lundquist

Dan Lundquist is a nationally respected and acclaimed leader who has over 40+ years in higher education administration with the past 25 years being at the vice presidential level. Dan has held positions of leadership in admissions; fundraising; outreach and higher education financing for student success at a number of highly diverse institutions. Dan is active in the national conversations around higher education economics, demographics, and college access. Dan has been quoted and published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. He is a sought-after speaker; author and consultant.

Higher Education Prosperity Through Intelligent Pricing

Institutional Prosperity Through Intelligent Pricing Modern market reality: there are fewer college-ready students from families who are able or willing to pay close to ever-rising college sticker prices. In response, many colleges are closely examining their pricing – and

Beware Deterrent Pricing: College Amenity – Affordability

The Hot New College Amenity – Affordability Speaking at the American Council of Education recently, Mitch Daniels (the governor-turned-university-president) offered this assessment of educators’ mindset on college tuition affordability: "there still is a degree of denial that anything is