About Karen Acree

Dr. Karen L. Acree is an information technology professional specializing in instructional technology and design. She is experienced in learning management system implementation, administration, and support. In addition, Karen has led initiatives to develop and revitalize faculty development and support centers at multiple institutions.

Having been in higher education for 20 years, and as Quality Matters certified peer reviewer and facilitator, Karen brings a deep understanding of quality course design and professional development including best practices for content delivery; alignment of course content, activities, and assessments with objectives; as well as making content accessible.

Karen’s expertise in digital accessibility has benefitted numerous institutions, faculty, staff, and students. She has assisted in the creation of accessibility plans; performed accessibility evaluations; provided training in accessibility techniques; and edited documents and videos to ensure accessibility for all.

Dr. Acree has led many cross functional teams in selecting enterprise solutions including learning management systems; Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems; enterprise content management systems; website content management systems, identity management systems; and information technology services. As the Director of Online Services at San Juan College, she is responsible for academic technology; enterprise content management systems; and technical aspects of multiple web sites. She serves as the interim information technology project manager for software integrations across the institution, including a migration from Ellucian Colleague Unidata to SQL.

Karen earned her BS in Business Information Systems and MBA from the University of Phoenix, and her MA and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Learning Technologies from New Mexico State University. She teaches undergraduate courses in computer science at San Juan College and facilitates workshops for Quality Matters.

As a Consulting Director for focusEDU, Dr. Acree looks forward to partnering with the higher education community to provide her skills in academic technology and course design initiatives.