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Seven Reasons to Talk to our

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Improve Your U.S. News Best Colleges Results This Year

  1. U. S. News Best Colleges rankings resonate with high-achieving prospects and their parents and, by far, are their college search resource of choice. Institutions and admissions offices that disparage the rankings risk offending the very audience who uses them and who they’re trying to recruit.
  2. Gary Lewicki, our Rankings Consultant at focusEDU, has helped colleges and universities improve their U.S. News rankings, immediately and for the long term. His clients have achieved double-digit climbs in overall rank and sustained success.
  3. Gary’s structured approach to the rankings helps keep campus leaders informed and responsive to Board of Trustees’ and the public’s rankings questions.
  4. The communication spawned by a “campus team” effort throughout the rankings cycle ensures accurate reporting and compliance with U. S. News guidelines while fostering transparency and success.
  5. Many institutions don’t have the time or available resources to develop an in-depth understanding of U. S. News methodology and time-consuming data analyses they use to derive many of the 17 rankings metrics in their rankings formula. We do.
  6. We keep current with U.S. News’ frequent adjustments to its rankings formula and changes in Carnegie Classifications of Higher Ed Institutions that affect U.S. News categorizations and have an impact on ranking shifts.
  7. Our Rankings Shift Model shows how performance on a metric or combination of metrics influences your institution and the competition’s overall rank that, in turn, informs you about where to focus your resources and efforts to improve your rank.

Contact College Rankings Consultant Gary Lewicki at (860) 214-3740 or email him at

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About the Author:

Gary Lewicki
After serving as an Assistant Vice-President for Enrollment Planning and Management at the University of Connecticut (UConn) for 20+ years Gary joined the higher education consulting team of focusEDU. His primary responsibilities at UConn focused on retention and graduation issues.

He began his career advising undecided majors at UConn, where he earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration. He then moved on to conduct research and interact with the state legislature and governor’s office on behalf of the Connecticut Department of Higher Education for a decade before returning to UConn in 1996.

Since joining focusEDU, Gary has been actively assisting the leaders of the higher education community by ensuring understanding and optimization of all elements associated with U.S. News best colleges rankings data submissions.

Gary has presented at numerous conferences sponsored by AACRAO, the College Board, and the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange. The Educational Policy Institute awarded UConn the Outstanding Retention Program Award at its RETENTION 2006 national conference. In 2010-11, Gary was awarded Freshman Year Experience Instructor of the Year honors.

Gary resides in Avon, CT and is very proud of his son who recently received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cambridge University.

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