interim registrar consulting

About Siham Doughman

After a stellar and acclaimed career in the registrar profession,Siham Doughman, joined focusEDU to share her skills and insights with the leadership of higher education. Siham has over 25 years of professional experience in U.S. and international universities; over 15 years as a Registrar and over 10 years as a college Professor teaching business and MIS courses. Siham has the unique ability to lead teams and collaborate with university leadership and colleagues. She also has extensive experience in academic operations and processes improvements. Siham is dedicated to maintaining high quality student services standards while creating a positive educational experience for students from diverse academic backgrounds. Her diverse work experiences has provided her with background with multiple student information systems and applications experiences.

Siham Doughman worked as a University Registrar at Syracuse University, Southern Connecticut State University, Laureate Higher Education Group, and most recently served as Associate Vice President and University Registrar at Northeastern University, bringing to higher education institutions a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge at the operational as well a strategic level.

Siham looks forward to working with the leaders of higher education to optimize and serve all constitents.