Polly Griffin

About Polly Griffin

Polly Winfrey Griffin is an experienced, strategic, and collaborative leader who joins focusEDU with a full career in academic administration. Following forty years as Registrar of four fascinatingly different institutions, she is visionary and bold in the implementation of academic policy and the delivery of enrollment services.

Polly has most recently been Registrar of Princeton University. For sixteen years, she directed the function of student systems; managed institutional enrollment reporting and research and the scheduling of exams and classrooms; served on numerous faculty and administrative committees and task forces (including calendar reform); and assembled and led an exquisitely effective staff. She led the development of a student enrollment portal (Tiger Hub) and collaborated on the development of sophisticated advising services.

As Registrar at Dartmouth prior to 2006, Polly coordinated the collaboration of five college Registrars including medical, engineering and business schools. In addition to responsibilities for student and academic services, she led classroom master planning and developed classroom management structures.

System implementation and faculty services were paramount at Davidson, a high-touch rigorous, liberal arts institution. Her first portfolio at Wingate included expanding services to enable curricular expansion to accompany transition to four-year status and directing its now-legendary international program.

Polly brings to focusEDU a critical understanding of the role a Registrar fulfills in supporting the needs of the academic program and its numerous stakeholders, through policy development and implementation and through essential collaboration with multiple diverse constituents to understand their goals and effect change.